Android App Development

Android App Development

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Homework Pakistan offers a Mobile app development diploma to help you become a professional and proficient mobile-app developer. The diploma classes will cater all the significant mobile app Android/IOS development and training with the vital tools of the programming language; Java. The diploma uses a combination of theory and practice-based sessions to help you become a successful app developer. In this course, you will work with your instructor to develop android and IOS applications and learn newest and innovative techniques. By the end of this diploma you will understand the tools, principles, and patterns that underlie all mobile application development. You will learn how to build a great user experience for mobile devices and customise development of applications across all platforms.

The applicant should have the basic Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming(OOP).

Android Basic
Introduction Slide, History, Android Studio + SDK Introduction + Environment setup
Application Architecture + Application Components, Hello world Example + Intents Application  Splash Screen App
User Interface + Layouts + Event Handling +Resource Management + Style and Themes
Pending Intents + Sms Sending App
Storage Discussion + Shared Preference example
Internal Storage + Sqlite Storage
Alert Dialogs + Animations
Background Service
WebView Layout + Own Browser Building
ListView + Adapter  + Auto complete Example
Custom List View + Card view.
Android Advance
Location Based Google Map Activity
Firebase Integration + Json Formating
Data processing fron Json Format Using Retrofit 2
Creating PHP Web Service and store data in mysql Database
Connect application with webservice + and data manipulation from app
JSON Parsing from JSON Array
Notification + Schedule Notification + Calendar Class
Sensor Usage with Compass Example
Session Management
Push Notification
AdView + Admob implementation
Publishing App on Playstore

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