Content Writing and Blogging

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Content Writing and Blogging

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Self Paced
6-9 hours of Video Lessons + Certificate
Rs. 7500 Rs.15000 Exclusive 50% Discount for Limited Time Only.
6-9 hours of Video Lessons, Handouts, 1 hour Skype Session, Graded Assignments, Graded Final Project And Certificate.
6 Weeks
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Course Details

Content Writing is more like an art than a profession, the person who has this art is successful in all online businesses. It is just not only about becoming a content writer, it is about having command and grip on all the online businesses.

All you need to know is the basics of writing the English language.

Why to take this course?
  • Learn everything you need for a fast-track start, including your first article
  • Learn the copywriter’s ‘how to’: sales copy, expert copy, and more!
  • Learn the essential skills that mark out a real pro content writer / blogger
  • Learn how to boost your income and turn your new website into a money magnet
Course Outline
Introduction to Content Writing
What is Content writing? – Brief introduction
The significance of Content writing
Improved Website ROI
Types of Content writing – Overview of Blogs, article writing, press releases and website content
Article writing
Types of Article writing – News article, blog, academic article, marketing article and research articles
Characteristics – Characteristics of a well-written article
Blog writing
What is a blog? – Introduction to a blog
Types of blogs – Personal blogs, corporate or business blogs and blogs by genre
Advantages of writing a blog
Blogging sites –, WordPress etc
Why is blogging popular? – Why people choose blog writing
Comparison between local blogs vs international blogs
Dos and Don’ts of a blog – Things to include and not to include in blog.
Website content
Pillars of a web-content – What makes a web content effective?
Adding value to content – How to make content look good?
Format – Discussing the format of web content
Client brief – In context of website content
Keyword – Meta Tags etc
Press Release
What is Press Release? – An introduction to press release
How to write a press release?
Format of a press release
Dos and don’ts of a press release
Proofing and Editing
Proofreading your work
Use of software
Dealing with client’s feedback
Revising content

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