Diploma in English Writing

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Diploma in English Writing

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6 Months
7 Aug 2018
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Rs. 36000 Rs.48000 Limited Time OFFER! Avail Exclusive 25% Discount in our Diploma Registration.
6 Months
11 Aug 2018
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4pm - 6pm
Rs. 36000 Rs.48000 Limited Time OFFER! Avail Exclusive 25% Discount in our Diploma Registration.
  • The total fee for the diploma is Rs 36000/-
  • The admission fee is Rs 4000/-
  • If you pay the total amount at the time of admission, the admission (Rs 4000/-) will be waived.
  • If you pay the course fee on a monthly basis, you will have to pay the admission fee.

Diploma Details

English Interpersonal Skills
Content Writing
Introduction to Content Writing
  • What is Content writing? – Brief introduction
  • The significance of Content writing
  • Improved Website ROI
  • Types of Content writing – Overview of Blogs, article writing, press releases and website content
Article writing
  • Types of Article writing – News article, blog, academic article, marketing article and research articles
  • Characteristics – Characteristics of a well-written article
Blog writing
  • What is a blog? – Introduction to a blog
  • Types of blogs – Personal blogs, corporate or business blogs and blogs by genre
  • Advantages of writing a blog
  • Blogging sites – Blogger.com, WordPress etc
  • Why is blogging popular? – Why people choose blog writing
  • Comparison between local blogs vs international blogs
  • Dos and Don’ts of a blog – Things to include and not to include in blog.
Website content
  • Pillars of a web-content – What makes a web content effective?
  • Adding value to content – How to make content look good?
  • Format – Discussing the format of web content
  • Client brief – In context of website content
  • Keyword – Meta Tags etc
  • Samples
Press Release
  • What is Press Release? – An introduction to press release
  • How to write a press release?
  • Format of a press release
  • Dos and don’ts of a press release
  • Conclusion
  • Proofing and Editing
  • Proofreading your work
  • Use of software
  • Plagiarism
  • Dealing with client’s feedback
  • Revising content
Business Writing
Week 1
  • Introduction to Business Writing
  • What is Business Writing?
  • The Importance of Business Writing – Why it Matters
  • The Five Cs of Good Business Writing
  • Proper Sentence and Paragraph Construction
  • When to Use Active versus Passive Voice
  • Identifying Writing Goals
  • Learning to Write for a Specific Audience
Week 2
  • The Writing Process
  • Planning Your Business Writing
  • A Basic Overview of Writing Letters
  • A Basic Overview of Writing Memos
  • A Basic Overview of Writing Reports
  • A Basic Overview of Writing Emails
  • A Basic Overview of Writing Proposals
  • A Basic Overview of Writing Thank You Letters
Week 3
  • Finding the Right Style and Tone
  • How to Maintain Clarity and Choose the Right Words to Express Your Thoughts
  • Structure and Strategy for Different Kinds of Business Writing
  • The Important of Organization and Planning Your Writing
  • Why Correct Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling are Critical
  • The Importance of Editing and Proofreading
  • Assessing Your Writing for Readability, Grammar and Structural Accuracy
Week 4
  • How to Write for Email and Other Electronic Communications
  • How to Write a Business Letter
  • How to Write a Proposal
  • How to Write a Report
  • How to Write a Memo
  • How to Write a Thank You Letter
  • Common Business Writing Courtesy and Etiquettes
Week 5
  • Formatting Examples of Different Business Writing Styles and Documents
  • Writing for Specific Occasions – Examples and Arguments
  • How to Improve Persuasiveness and “Impact” in Your Writing
  • How to Highlight Key Benefits to Readers
  • How to Write Descriptive documents that Highlight Problems
  • A Comprehensive Look at Dos and Don’ts of Effective Business Writing
Week 6
  • Dealing with a “Difficult” Audience/Reader
  • Clarifying and Highlighting Specific Points in Your Writing
  • How to Respond to Criticism and/or Negative Remarks
  • How to Personalize in Your Writing to Build Business Relationships
  • Choosing the Appropriate Tone of Voice
  • How to Maintain Clarity and Conciseness in Your Writing
  • Choosing the Right Business Writing Medium to Express Your Thoughts
  • Business Writing Assignment

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