Diploma in Graphic Design

Diploma in Graphic Design

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Homework Pakistan offers full in-depth Graphic Design Diploma which will cover the complete graphic and web design tools i.e. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The diploma covers all the topics from scratch and will take the students to advanced level. You’ll produce exciting graphic projects using both the classic features and the new improved tools and will finish this diploma with the ability to design vector graphics for different projects, design brochures and master the art of photo retouching and image editing. You'll also get hands-on practice working with basic and advanced techniques to get the most out of your design experience.

No prior skills are required as the course covers everything from basics.

Adobe Illustrator
Week 1 Introduction of graphic designing and illustrator interface, Basic Tools
Selection tool, direct selection, art board tool, making new art board, basic shapes
Week 2 Working with color, Gradient, Pen tool, Stroke, Trenchancy, making logos practice
Text tool and designing book cover, book layout magazine, typography
Week 3 Clipping mask, width tool, blending mode, using of images in illustrator
Line segments curvature tool , rotate tool,  class practice making micky mouse
Week 4 Mesh tool, curve tool, shaper tool, width tool, wrap tool and all its type
Brush tool, making new brushes and save in illustrator, type of brushes
Week 5 Create a Fluffy Halloween Cat using the Paintbrush Tool and Gradients
Path finder and making and icon with path finder, practice of Detailed Lighthouse Flat Icon
Week 6 Pattern and practice of pattern design symbol spry tool, all types and practice
Blend tool, symbol spry tool, all types and practice
Adobe Photoshop
Week 7 Iintroduction of Photoshop raster graphic, Photoshop interface, layers concept and 3 selection tool
Pen tool, magic wand tool stock and layer style , layer blend mode
Week 8 Image manipulation practice, Adjustment layers
Masking , shapes, gradients
Week 9 Brush tool, making new brushes and save in illustrator, type of brushes
Patch tool, pattern , clone stamp tool
Week 10 Camera raw, practice, image touchup, healing and correction
Healing tool, Face makeup and retouching
Week 11 Typography, text tool and effects applying on text
Week 12 Filter
Website design, poster design

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