Diploma in Mobile App Development

Starts from Rs. 36000
Diploma in Mobile App Development

Diploma Batches

4 Month
30 Jul 2018
Mon - Wed - Fri
6pm - 8pm
Rs. 36000 Rs.48000 Limited Time OFFER! Avail Exclusive 25% Discount in our Diploma Registration.
6 Month
21 Jul 2018
Sat - Sun
12pm - 2pm
Rs. 36000 Rs.48000 Limited Time OFFER! Avail Exclusive 25% Discount in our Diploma Registration.
  • The total fee for the diploma is Rs 36000/-
  • The admission fee is Rs 4000/-
  • If you pay the total amount at the time of admission, the admission (Rs 4000/-) will be waived.
  • If you pay the course fee on a monthly basis, you will have to pay the admission fee.

Diploma Details

Android Development (Basic)
  • Introduction Slide, History, Android Studio + SDK Introduction + Environment setup
  • Application Architecture + Application Components, Hello world Example + Intents Application  Splash Screen App
  • User Interface + Layouts + Event Handling +Resource Management + Style and Themes
  • Pending Intents + Sms Sending App
  • Storage Discussion + Shared Preference example
  • Internal Storage + Sqlite Storage
  • Alert Dialogs + Animations
  • Background Service
  • Fragments
  • WebView Layout + Own Browser Building
  • ListView + Adapter  + Auto complete Example
  • Custom List View + Card view.
Android Development (Advanced)
  • Location Based Google Map Activity
  • Firebase Integration + JsonFormating
  • Data processing fronJson Format Using Retrofit 2
  • Creating PHP Web Service and store data in mysql Database
  • Connect application with webservice + and data manipulation from app
  • JSON Parsing from JSON Array
  • Notification + Schedule Notification + Calendar Class
  • Sensor Usage with Compass Example
  • Session Management
  • Push Notification
  • AdView + Admob implementation
  • Publishing App on Playstore
iOS Development (Basic)
  • Introduction about iOS and Xcode. registration for Apple ID. Downloading and installing Xcode. Building and running the “Hello World” app.
  • Swift Basics: Variable , operators, strings , numbers, Swift functions, conditional logic, logical operators, loops
  • Swift Intermediate: arrays and its operations, dictionaries  and its operations.
  • OOP in Swift: OOP, inheritance, polymorphism  and enumeration
  • Intro to Protocols and Delegates: numbers examples, questions generator.
  • Protocols and Delegates: building color magic UI, using delegate method, using mutating functions in types
  • iOS Foundation: Auto Layout, Segues and Swoosh App
  • Introduction to UITabBarController, Segmented Control, Switch and UserDefaults
  • Introduction to using Plist file, and using Custom Classes
  • Introduction to TableViewController with default cell,  UITableView object with custom cell.
  • Introduction to UICollectionView
  • Code Swag App using all above concepts
iOS Development (Advanced)
  • Data Persistence & Core Data
  • Sharing on IOS: SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter
  • JSON Serialization,Networking, APIs, REST
  •  MySql and PHP web service
  • Playing and Recording Audio, video and rich user notification
  • Building Full Stack Apps With Firebase part 01
  • Building Full Stack Apps With Firebase part 02
  • Maps, GPS, Geolocation, Pokemon & Firebase
  • iOS 11 feature: In App Purchases & Google Ads (Admob)
  • How to Download with URL Session
  • Protocol Oriented Programming and advanced Swift
  • iOS 10 App Submission

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