Diploma in Video Editing and Animation

Diploma in Video Editing and Animation

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  • The total fee for the diploma is Rs 36000/-
  • The admission fee is Rs 4000/-
  • If you pay the total amount at the time of admission, the admission (Rs 4000/-) will be waived.
  • If you pay the course fee on a monthly basis, you will have to pay the admission fee.

Diploma Details

Adobe Illustrator(Basic)
  • Introduction of Graphic Designing and Illustrator Interface, Basic Tools, Colors Panels, Colors Mode, Saving Document, Art Boards
  • Transformation, Selection and Direct Selection Tool, Basic Shapes and Alignment
  • Gradient, Pen Tool, Stroke, Transparency
  • Typography, Clipping Mask
  • Path Finder, Logo Designing, Outline Stroke
  • Branding, Social Media Banners, Final Project
Adobe Illustrator(Advanced)
  • Pattern and practice of pattern design symbol spry tool, all types and practice
  • Mesh tool, curve tool, shaper tool, width tool, wrap tool and all its type
  • Brush tool, making new brushes and save in illustrator, type of brushes
  • Path finder and making and icon with path finder, practice of Detailed Lighthouse Flat Icon
  • Blend tool and practice Introducing layers
  • Perspective drawing tool, branding
ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC Learn Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro:
  • Introduction
  • Editing Your Video
  • Adding Video and Audio Transitions
  • Adding Title in Premiere Pro CC
  • Adding Titles in Premiere Pro CC and Older Versions
  • Editing Audio
  • Color Correction and Grading
  • Motion in Premiere Pro
  • Exporting Your Video
  • Visual Effects and Advanced Premiere Pro Tips
  • Video Speed in Premiere Pro
  • Conclusion and Q&A’s
ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS Complete guide to After Effects:
  • An Introduction to After Effects
  • Basic Animations
  • Working with Solid Layers
  • Working with Shape Layers
  • 3D - Three Dimensions and After Effects
  • 3D Camera Tool
  • Layer Styles in After Effects
  • Green Screen (Chroma-keying) in After Effects
  • Working with Visual Effects & Presets
  • Lower Thirds Animation
  • Time Effects - Slow Motion & More
  • Exporting from After Effects
  • Course Conclusion

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