English Language (Advanced)

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English Language (Advanced)

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6 Weeks
10 Nov 2018
Rs. 9000 Rs.12000 Early Bird 25% Discount till to 25th of October.
6 Weeks
10 Nov 2018
Rs. 9000 Rs.12000 Early Bird 25% Discount till to 25th of October.

Course Details

Advanced English speaking course to speak English fluently in the real world. Our Advanced English course is designed to boost your English speaking skills to the next level. This Advanced English course features realistic dialogues through the explanation of English grammar that goes beyond the traditional and basic system of learning the English language.

The vocabulary section of this Advanced English course includes the most commonly idiomatic English expressions that you would come across your daily English conversation.

This Advanced English course at Homework Pakistan has plenty of interactive exercises to help you improve your English, become fluent in English and accomplish your real life goal to speak English fluently and confidently.

Furthermore, this Advanced English course teaches you English, the way you hear on the streets, in restaurants, at the movie theatre, and at parties – It will teach you the English of your friends and co-workers.

This Advanced English course is bundled with voice & accent training, personality development training and public speaking skills through group discussions so that you acquire all the spoken English skills required to communicate effectively with confidence.

MEET people and make friends
SPEAK with ease and confidence
SUCCEED in job interviews
GET BY just about everywhere

Advanced English grammar and vocabulary

Learn different types of Nouns, Adverbs, hands-on various Tenses.
Idiomatic expressions.
How to implement the learned grammar in conversation.
Building powerful English vocabulary.

Communication skills part 01

Overcome barriers to fluent English.
Speaking and Listening in English aren’t the same.
Practice speaking and listening.
Learn commonly used idioms, phrases and proverbs.

Communication skills part 02

Practice writing skills in English.
How to write effective emails.
Learn business correspondence required at work.
Improve your reading skills – Focus on syllable word stress and Intonation.
Extempore and Group discussions to make your think in English and speak impromptu.
Learn the difference between Normal English vs Smart English.
Testing and Evaluation of what you have learned in the previous sections.

Voice and Accent training for fluency

Correct your diction and improve English pronunciation.
Learn vowel and consonant sounds.
Learn appropriate word stress to gain clarity in communication.
Identify your fluency barriers.

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