English Language

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English Language

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4 Weeks
3 Sep 2018
Mon - Wed - Fri
4pm - 6pm
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Week 1 Reading: Read and understand simple texts in English. Answer simple comprehension questions and match sentences about texts. Reconstruct texts by reordering sentences. Understand the main idea of a text. Identify specific information in a text. Skim for main ideas and scan for specific information. Find information in documents. Understand texts about familiar topics. Answer multiple choice and short answer questions about a text. Use simple texts as models for writing.
Week 2 Writing: Complete forms. Write well-structured simple sentences. Write simple texts about familiar topics. Use simple conjunctions. Use punctuation and capitalisation correctly in simple sentences. Write simple descriptions. Write well-structured sentences. Devise questions to form a survey and respond to questions in writing. Complete application forms. Write email messages and online texts.
Week 3 Listening: Listen for specific information e.g. personal information. Answer simple questions on informational texts. Match information with speakers. Listen for pronunciation and intonation. Identify numbers (e.g. years and dates) from listening texts. Listen to complete sentences. Answer questions on informational texts. Match information to pictures. Respond to questions in familiar situations. Understand simple telephone conversations. directions.
Week 4 Speaking: Greetings and introductions. Make conversations in familiar situations (e.g. café, chatting about family, weekend). Ask and respond to straightforward questions. Describe things. Talk about past and future events. Greetings and introductions. Talk about familiar topics and routines. Describe pictures and differences between pictures. Make arrangements and plans.

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