iOS Development (Advanced)

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iOS Development (Advanced)

Course Batches

4 Weeks
1 Oct 2018
6pm - 8pm
Rs. 9000 Rs.12000 Exclusive 25% Early Bird Discount if you register and pay by 7th July 2018.
6 Weeks
17 Nov 2018
12pm - 2pm
Rs. 9000 Rs.12000 Exclusive 25% Early Bird Discount if you register and pay by 7th July 2018.

Course Details


Do you want to develop your own dream apps or become a pro iOS developer? Do you want to change career and become an iPhone app developer? You have come to the right course.
I have created this course to make your app development dream a reality. This course will TEACH you the basic, intermediate and advanced skills needed to call yourself an iOS app developer. Whether you want to create apps for yourself, change career to become an iOS developer and apply for iOS jobs or you want to earn money as a freelance developer, this course will get you started on your DREAMS, you will learn how to design and develop apps.
In this course, you will develop professional quality apps. You don't need any previous programming skills. You simply need a desire to learn and a Mac computer.
The course is app-based, which means you will build a complete and professional app step-by-step during each section of the course. No other course teaches you this same way.
By the end of the course, you'll be able to:
1. Design and build simple and complex apps
2. Call yourself an app developer
3. Create your own apps worthy of publishing to the app store
4. You will be able to apply for iOS development jobs
5. You will gain a confidence boost in your skills and your ability


This course has been developed for beginner and intermediate programmer in mind. If you have never programmed before but you have a strong desire to learn programming on the iOS platform you will find this course adequate. Also if you are intermediate developer you will find lots of topics that will improve your skills and also some of the latest hot topics such as artificial reality, machine learning, vision framework, drag and drop and so on.


Mastering any skills takes time and iOS development is no different.You will develop your first basic app within 30 mins into the course and within 2 hours of the course you develop a beautiful app that you will be proud of.


You will be supported throughout your journey in this course. If you get stuck on any of the lectures, you can ask instructor of course for assistance. We are committed to supporting students on this course, We are constantly involved in the Q/A to provide assistance to anyone that needs it.

iOS Development (Advanced)
Classes Topics
Class 01 Data Persistence & Core Data
Class 02 Sharing on IOS: SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter
Class 03 JSON Serialization,Networking, APIs, REST
Class 04  MySql and PHP web service
Class 05 Playing and Recording Audio, video and rich user notification
Class 06 Building Full Stack Apps With Firebase part 01
Class 07 Building Full Stack Apps With Firebase part 02
Class 08 Maps, GPS, Geolocation, Pokemon & Firebase
Class 09 iOS 11 feature: In App Purchases & Google Ads (Admob)
Class 10 How to Download with URL Session
Class 11 Protocol Oriented Programming and advanced Swift
Class 12 iOS 10 App Submission

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