Social Media & Online Reputation Management

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Social Media & Online Reputation Management

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Online reputation management (ORM) makes you look better online. It is the essential personal branding tool of our time. ORM involves placing new content online that pushes old or unwanted content lower in search results. It can also raise other online content higher to displace unwanted material. Once successfully arranged, the results must be maintained. Otherwise, the unwanted material may resurface at the top of Google search results usually within three to six months. New content does not automatically appear at the top of search results. The critical challenge of ORM is to create content that search engines will rank highly. That involves an understanding of search engine algorithms as well as, increasingly, the ability to create high-quality content.

Pages and profiles on social media are an extension of your brand and create additional avenues for people to interact. When it comes to social properties, it’s important to dedicate the resources to stay active on them by engaging in conversations and publishing fresh content regularly. As a general rule: not having a profile on a specific network is better than having an inactive one.

No prior knowledge of marketing is required – your interest and enthusiasm to learn and explore online reputation management along with social media marketing is enough!

Why to take this course?
  • To Speed-up Development - eliminates the need for repetitive SQL code.
  • To reduce development time and cost.
  • To get better salary packages and adding an extra certification to your Resume.
  • Embark your career without any limitations
  • Be the initiator of ORM to your industry.
  • To get the tricks as stronger as SEO.
Course Outline
Social Media and ORM
What is social media and ORM?
Purpose of social media and ORM?
Tools of Social Media and ORM
How to link ad copy and Image with CTA
How to create business profiles of Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn
Facebook for Business - Facebook and Instagram
Social Media Hacks
How to merged Facebook business page and Group
How to create a Facebook group
How to link your Instagram Page to Facebook Business Page
What is the difference between public and private Facebook groups
How to earn from a Facebook group without spending a single penny
How to do live sessions on groups through products
Facebook Bots
How to link 2 Facebook pages together
How to create an event on Facebook
How to create slideshow cover photo on Facebook
Creation of ORM Profiles on Potential Platforms
What is Google Knowledge Graph? How to create it.
How to post Verified reviews
Trust pilot
Google Reviews
Facebook Reviews
Google Q/A

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