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Homework Learning Centre (HLC) is the initiative taken by Homework Pakistan to help individuals become freelancers by taking high-in-demand courses in the freelancing world. Our aim is to promote freelance skill set in Pakistan and train individuals to become successful freelancers.


Our courses are specifically designed to help you excel in your freelancing career. All courses are designed by freelancing experts and taught via theoretical as well as through real case studies.


All our workshops are unique in their offerings and designed keeping in view the market demand. Our workshops help individuals gain more confidence and skills. All workshops are delivered by industry experts.


Homework offers certified courses to not only help you excel in your freelancing career but also add valuable skills to your resume. Our certified courses help you learn from the best in the industry.


We also offer online courses to those who would like to study at their own pace and in their own time. Our online courses are taught via video links as well as live sessions with the instructor.


Homework Learning Centre offers specialised courses to help you start your freelancing career. Courses that are not taught at traditional universities but are high-in-demand in the freelancing world.

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Homework offers variety of short courses and diplomas. Visit the link below to view complete list of our courses.

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