Digital Media Marketing

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Digital Media Marketing

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F.B. Area Campus
Classes On Saturday And Sunday From 4pm To 7pm, Starting From 7th December 2019.
6 Weeks

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As the digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. The Digital Media Marketing course from Homework Pakistan is an initiative designed to educate students and professionals in the area of Digital Marketing, which is still untouched by the educational institutes in the country. This course will be covering Google platform as an effective online analysing and marketing tool. The skills learned in this course will help the students to shape their strategy for the digital world competition and get the most out of their business online presence. Digital and Social Media deals with creating and exchanging of information with people through productive interactions. With the union of technological and ideological foundations and the perfect blend of several applications of internet, one can interact with people around the globe with useful content in the information. Masses take social media as the most convenient and active form of acquiring information about various things, and with the advent of time, most of the social media websites are emerging, in this competitive era, to fulfil the ever growing demands of public. In the US, the total amount of time spent on social media is 121 billion minutes, which marks the increase by 37% from the preceding year. The objective of this course is attracting number of populations to use the modern and convenient forms of interactions. It helps to grow the knowledge in order to carry on with a well versed and more informative conversation. This course has contents that would help you understand the entire orientation in an elaborate way. It covers up with topics that would groom you with the following:
  1. The advantages and disadvantages of digital media marketing.
  2. Developing campaigns and plans of marketing of social media.
  3. Management and orientation of your social media sites and tool boxes.
  4. Building up a content and making it search engine efficient for maximum optimization.
  5. Connecting with social media sites and accessing minor platforms of socialism.
  6. Creating your own strategies and fixing up bugs with proper analysis of the data.
  7. Marketing landscapes and implications of various brands and updating self with social media trends.
On completing it, students will learn about accessing the values of digital media and taking them onto your business developments. They will know how to differentiate various marketing activities of the social media. They will have an exact idea of reviewing the products of their brands as in where are they being discussed the most. They will learn different skills on how to expand their outlook and take things positively. Also, they will learn the tactics of meeting the targets within given time durations efficiently. Prerequisite No prior knowledge of marketing is required - just your interest and enthusiasm to learn and explore online digital marketing is enough. Why to take this course?
  • Get higher salary by adding in-demand skill to your CV
  • Analyze online behaviours to make revenue boosting decisions
  • Learn the proven formula of how to build an online business from scratch
  • Gain confidence to implement digital marketing strategies to get ahead of your online competition.
Course Outline
Tools included
Google Analytics
Google Adsense
Google Ads
Google Webmaster
Facebook for Business - Facebook and Instagram
YouTube Monetisation - YouTube

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