Online Content Writing and Blogging

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Online Content Writing and Blogging

Course Batches

Self Paced Course: Video Recorded Lectures And Handout
370 minutes
Assessed Course: Video Recorded Lectures, Handout, Assessed Assignments And Final Projects, 1 Hours Skype Session With The Instructor
370 minutes

Course Details

This course will help you develop your writing and blogging skills.

This is a very high-in-demand course. Content writing & blogging is becoming increasingly popular, due to the role content has to play – in any digital business.

In this course, you will, learn the core concepts of SEO content writing and blogging. You will learn effective writing skills to write SEO optimised content to generate traffic on the websites. This course will help you set your career as a freelance or on-site content writer.

You will also learn to write effective and impactful content for international and local clients.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to generate traffic and sales by writing effective content
  • Build trust and connection with your audience for gaining authority as a writer
  • Identify your target audience and create buyer persona
  • Learn to write blog posts that would rank better in search engines
  • Learn how to apply marketing and writing principles for better results
  • Learn to write sales copy that has a powerful headline and effective call to actions
  • Optimise the content for SEO
  • Develop the qualities that will make you a successful writer
  • Discover the challenges in this career and how you can overcome them easily
  • Recognise the writing mistakes and how you can avoid them
  • To Work with international client briefs

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to make a career in content writing
  • Content writers - those who have some experience and want to polish their writing and content marketing skills
  • Bloggers - if you are a blogger who wants to know the best tactics to write awesome posts and increase traffic by using the power of content marketing
  • Freelance writers - if you want to use your writing skills and earn a side income as a freelancer
  • Digital marketers, content marketers, and website owners
  • Anyone who wants to learn about online writing, content marketing and copywriting
  • Anyone who wants to improve their SEO writing skills

The Content Writing & Blogging Course will cover the following topics:

  • Welcome To The Course
  • What You Will Learn In This Course
  • Tips To Use This Course Effectively And Get Maximum Benefit From It

Basic Concepts: Understanding Content Writing

  • An Introduction To Content Writing
  • Origin And Need Of Content Writing
  • Increasing Demand For Content Writers
  • Career In Content Writing: What To Expect
  • Types Of Content

Content Writing Simplified

  • Writing Principles
  • Number 1 Tactic To Write Awesome Content
  • Steps to Write Engaging Content

Optimising Content for Search Engine Optimization

  • What Is Search Engine Optimization?
  • Using On Page Search Engine Optimization For Optimizing Content
  • Using Off Page Search Engine Optimization For Optimizing Content

Writing for Websites

  • What Is Website And Why It Is Essential?
  • Pillars of a web-content – What makes a web content effective
  • Adding value to content – How to make content look good?
  • Format – Discussing the format of web content
  • Client brief – In context of website content
  • How and Why use Keywords
  • How to write effective Meta Tags & descriptions for SEO

Article writing
Types of Article writing
Essentials of article writing
Why writing articles is important for businesses
Common mistakes while writing articles
Differences between News articles, blogs, academic articles, marketing articles and research articles
Characteristics of a well-written article

Blog writing
What is a blog? – Introduction to a blog
Types of blogs – Personal blogs, corporate or business blogs and blogs by genre
Advantages of writing a blog
How and where to start blogging
Blogging Platforms
Why is blogging popular? – Why people choose blog writing
Comparison between local blogs v/s international blogs
Dos and Don’ts of a blog – Things to include and not to include in blog.

Tips To Become A Successful Writer

  • Practical Tips To Overcome Challenges In Your Career
  • Qualities Of A Successful Content Writer
  • 9 Serious Mistakes To Avoid As A Writer

Proofing and Editing

Proofreading your work
Use of software
Dealing with client’s feedback
Revising and Conclusion

Writing Tasks & Feedback
Simple Steps To Write Awesome Content
How To Optimise Content For Ranking In Search Engines?
Working with international clients and their brief
Assignments and Practice sessions

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