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2-Day Infographic Design Bootcamp

Are you a graphic designer? Ever heard the term Infographic Design? Wonder how to up your game and be an infographic designer?

Homework Pakistan partners with one of the top international infographic design agencies, InfographicsDesigners.co.uk and infographic design directory website Infographics.Directory to organise a 2-day infographic design bootcamp in Karachi.

In this 2-day infographic design Bootcamp, you will create a content-rich infographic on a topic of your choice using Adobe Illustrator. You might choose to create a visual representation of data from the world of sports, entertainment, politics, or science, to explain a business trend or environmental issue, or even to present a theme or development from your personal life. Your finished infographic will engage your target audience and convey information clearly through effective use of design elements such as typography, color, and structure.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a writer or the intern, you’ll learn:
• What an infographic is and what makes a good one
• How to work within your limits
• How to work with a team (if you have one)
• Why infographics are effective
• Techniques for spotting data in stories
• Six valuable steps for planning an effective infographic
• How to use and make some of the building blocks of infographics: maps, charts and flow charts
• Ways data can be visualized to clarify it and give it meaning
• How to effectively design a good infographic by effectively using elements like type, color and an underlying grid structure
• Some free or cheap, online tools for making various kinds of infographics

In this 2-day bootcamp, you’ll learn more about why infographics are effective, what makes a good infographic, and how to plan and design an infographic for maximum impact. You’ll explore various approaches to data visualization, and you’ll practice creating visualizations like maps, charts, flow charts, and simple drawings in Adobe Illustrator.

Please note that if you are new to learning graphics software like Adobe Illustrator, you are advised to first take the Graphic Design course to familiarise yourself with the design tools before starting complex design implementations.

* Please note, all the designers will have to bring their laptops for live practice during the session.



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Saturday, 29th July 2017 at 11:00 am
Sunday, 30th July 2017 at 6:00 pm




Homework Space
5th Floor, Al-Tijarah Centre, Main Shahra-e-Faisal


021 34169303
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